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Our geolocation tools

To monitor your vehicles, containers, wagons, personnel and goods.

Tetis / Tetis R : location of containers

Monitor your dry or refrigerated containers in real time!

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Watchlock : Locking mechanism and alarm system

An alert system and real-time surveillance, anywhere!

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Rainbow : people tracking

With the Rainbow system you will never lose anyone any more!

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Kylos : localisation of assets and goods

Geolocalisation of goods, assets, people and pets.

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Mouv’Box : autonomous GPS/GPRS/GSM tracer

Geolocation and monitoring of goods or containers (ex. : wagons) in any situation !

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Tetis / Tetis R

Location of containers

Monitor your dry or refrigerated containers in real time !

With Tetis R, you will be constantly informed on the location, state and temperature of your containers 24/7.

Once the container has been sealed, the system allows you to view its itinerary on a map on your computer or your mobile device.

If an unexpected event should occur (impact, rise/fall in temperature, high/low humidity, light on/off, open door etc.) the system signals an alert and keeps you informed by sending a notification in the form of a text message, an email or both.

It considerably reduces risks of delays, damage and loss of goods and thus of losing money.

Advantages :

  • Stay informed 24/7
  • Remote protection
  • Customised alerts
  • Management and anticipation of unforeseen events
  • Gives you a competitive advantage
  • Remote adjustment of settings
  • Quick, easy installation

There are two types of system : Tetis and Tetis R. The latter is for dry or refrigerated containers whereas the former is used only for dry containers.

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Locking mechanism and alarm system

Watchlock : an alert system and real-time surveillance, anywhere !

This system is an intelligent combination consisting of a high-security lock and an electronic alarm system, that gives information about the location, any opening or closing of the lock and any attempt to destroy it.

  • Manage your remote or hard-to-access infrastructures (telephone antennae, electrical transmission towers or CCTV cameras).
  • Protect your goods in transit. The system traces the location of freight containers and sends an alert if they deviate from the route planned in advance.
  • Monitor your mobile assets. The system will set off an alert if it is moved outside a defined area.
  • The system sends alerts each time the padlock is opened or closed, if it deviates from the planned route or predetermined area and if an attempt is made to destroy it.
  • Alerts can be received as a text message and/or by email.
  • It can be localised using its GPS system via the online application.
  • It provides a precise record of openings and closings (for event management).
  • It sends reports periodically (no need to inspect the padlock in situ).

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You will never lose anyone any more !

The Rainbow system is the only personal GPS tracking device allowing remote automatic surveillance.

  • Free definition of the situation activating an alert
  • Choice of the person to whom the alert is to be sent
  • Alerts can be received by telephone, email or text message
  • A voice channel can be activated without outside intervention
  • Simple and accessible emergency button
  • Large screen
Various uses
  • For children, older parents, disabled people
  • Managing employees: protection (e.g., warning if an employee has entered a forbidden area), monitoring of work time and customer service

Watch the video of the Rainbow system here


Localisation of assets and goods

There are three versions of Kylos : Compact, Classic and Forever.

Kylos Compact is a mobile GPS tag making it possible to follow and define the place where your goods and assets are situated and also to protect the security of your family and animals.

  • Real-time localisation and status information
  • Notifications sent if pre-defined parameters are changed
  • Alerts set off for any unusual event or infringement
  • Easily concealed (you can hold it in the palm of your hand)

Examples of applications :

  • The risk of delivering damaged products or medical supplies is practically inexistent because an integrated thermometer identifies and reacts noticeably to any change of temperature beyond set limits.
  • If the box containing the goods is opened, an integrated light captor sets off an alert.
  • You need no longer fear leaving your bicycle unattended, since an incorporated accelerometer will set off an alert if your bicycle is moved.

Kylos classique is ideal for monitoring your goods on long journeys since its battery lasts longer.

Kylos Forever is ideal for monitoring your remote assets or equipment for a period of several months since its battery can last up to three years.

With this device you can :

  • Monitor larger objects such as skips
  • Protect your mobile generators and construction materials left on site
  • Monitor your vehicle without requiring installation (an alternative to the classic AVL systems)


Autonomous GPS/GPRS/GSM tracer

Mouv’Box : geolocation and monitoring of goods or containers in any situation !

With its GPS/GPRS location system that can localise goods in real time, Mouv’Box is a tool that provides the means to manage, monitor, localise, control and identify various objects. This autonomous, ultra-compact tracer is also equipped with Cell’ID technology which allows you to localise your goods (tunnel, car park, building etc.) via GSM antennae. We also have a Mouv’Box GPS tag for rail transport.

To enable you to know efficiently the location of your assets, we provide you with unlimited internet connection to the actsyst surveillance site, a securised internet server. You can also obtain the locations on request by email and/or by text message.

With its components, chosen for their consumer / performance ratio, Mouv’box can provide you with the best long-term service using minimum energy. It can be easily concealed and can be fixed by screws or magnet to a package, a pallet, a vehicle etc.

Mouv’Box Rail  : to monitor your wagons and locomotives at any time !

Sometimes individual wagons have been known to get lost during their journey! To avoid this problem, we recommend this GPS/GPRS tag that allows you to localise your wagons in real time within seconds. Its battery lasts up to 5 years (based on 4 hits per day) and it has a compact IP67 watertight casing incorporating the GSM and GPS antennae.

Here is a list of the information that will be made available to you with our Mouv’Box devices.

  • Geographical position (latitude, longitude)
  • Geographical position by Cell’id (if this service is available in the country in question)
  • Town (or nearest town)
  • Country
  • Rail matching
  • Defined geographical area
  • Permitted or forbidden geographic area (producing alerts)
  • Number of kilometers covered
  • Ratio tonne : kilometre
  • Speed on each lift position
  • Accelerometer reading (sample every x seconds between each position)
  • Operator identifier (Roaming telephone operator)
  • Destination (defining a direction)
  • Consumption reading
  • Criterion for activation of the tag (movement, entry/exit, calendar)
  • Time of GPS position reading
  • Time of GPRS transmission
  • Duration of break between 2 journeys
  • Version of the programme used (the programme can be updated remotely)
  • RFID tag (active or passive)
  • Status of logical entries (3 entries available)
Examples of alerts with display and dispatch of email :

  • Maximum load exceeded
  • Kilometre limit exceeded by object (wagon)
  • Time of use exceeded over a given period
  • Excessive speeds
  • Anomalous flat accelerometer reading (bald tyre, derailment)
  • Accelerometer reading exceeded (bumps, impacts)
  • Impact control alert
  • Entry into or exit from a defined area
  • Entry into or exit from a country
  • Active logical entry into a forbidden area (opening a door outside a permitted area)
  • Change of RFID tag
  • Time of journey exceeded
  • Low fuel level
  • Battery charge (for batteries)
  • New configuration effected
  • New configuration refused
  • Dates of transmission
  • Dates of positioning
  • Date of an event