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Kouka supports your logistics efficiency and organises your traceability

Kouka integrates complete solutions in logistics and geolocation, meeting the needs of both SMEs and large international structures.

Founded in January 2008, it brings together trade experts keen to supply the best solutions, based on a pragmatic understanding of needs, while meeting the requirements of investment and productivity.

Backed by our considerable experience of operational management at executive level, we conduct the initial

functional analysis of your needs through to the installation of a comprehensive solution including all software tools or equipment and all associated services.
For instance, we provide a warehouse management solution called REFLEX, which will give you productivity, traceability and quality.

In addition, our experience in reorganisation has led us to develop HR services (assessment, change management, training) with our partner Act & Be.

Logistics solutions
  • Operational expertise and detailed knowledge of appropriate and relevant processes for inventory management, warehousing, inventory, etc.
  • Implementation of software and software packages for your Supply Chain (WMS and TMS solutions specialising in individual preparation)

Flexible and reliable solutions for monitoring vehicles, containers, people and goods.

  • Hand-held readers and terminals
  • Commercial tablets
  • Labels and consumables
  • Commercial printers
HR services
Our partner Act & Be offers :

  • Individual career coaching
  • Team coaching
  • The Springboard programme
  • Training
  • HR consultancy
Kouka Solutions logistiques

Logistics solutions

Expertise for your business, long-term support

Kouka integrates warehouse, inventory and transportation solutions offering all the services and products required for the full implementation of a logistics information system. We take care of your logistics projects from the functional analysis of your environment to the operational implementation of acclaimed software.

Kouka offers you expertise and guidance over time, adapted to your profession and the size of your business. We put ourselves in your shoes to create a solution for you, whatever your environment and the constraints entailed. We work in all types of sectors.

A range of suitable software

WMS Reflex


Printing bar codes

kouka Impression de codes

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kouka Géolocalisation


To track your vehicles, containers, wagons, people and goods

To manage your resources effectively, our comprehensive location-based solutions include real-time applications for remote monitoring, control and management of fleets of vehicles, containers, wagons, goods and people.

You have access to a secure website that keeps you informed about the journeys, locations and status of your equipment.
The applications are simple to use and are available in several languages.
Kouka Produit, des matériels à la pointe du progrès


Cutting-edge equipment

Hand-held readers
and terminals

Kouka Terminaux portables et PDA


kouka Tablettes

Labels and


kouka Imprimantes

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Kouka Services


We are with you all the way in the implementation of your projects,
taking into account your organisation and your teams.

Audit and consulting

We bring you the strength of our experience of several years at different levels of operational management.


We analyse your needs and draft your specifications.

Ideal solution

Together, we design the hardware and software solution best adapted to your sector and the size of your business.

Wifi coverage

We conduct a careful analysis of your Wifi equipment, integrating all your projects, to make sure you have an optimal installation.


Installation of customised flexible and reliable solutions.

Assistance and training

Customised technical training of logistics operators and employees at all levels in the use of software and hardware as well as tool standards.

Kouka HR / Act & Be

Act & Be is Kouka’s human resources and training department.

Individual career coaching

Act & Be offers active and realistic career coaching programmes that are aligned with the realities of today’s businesses.

Team coaching

A team has to be built; team spirit is something that has to be cultivated through appropriate approaches and tools such as MBTI and DISC, involving members in developing solutions together.

The Springboard programme

This is a unique programme for women to support their vocational and personal development.


Act & Be conducts an analysis of your training needs and advises you in order to improve your performance record through the development of your employees. We design and facilitate customised training modules for your needs.

HR consultancy

Act & Be assists your business to meet specific human resources needs and to develop your employees’ talents.

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